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Backflow Prevention Services, LLC (BPS) is a leading provider of training and consulting services in the cross connection control and backflow prevention industry. BPS offers Tester Certification, Recertification, and Backflow Boot Camp (BBC) training continuously throughout Louisiana and North Dakota with other locations available upon request. Tester Certification is a week-long training that provides attendees the opportunity to become certified to test and install backflow preventers.  Recertification is a 1-day course required every 3 years to maintain tester certification. BBC is a unique 3-day workshop and consulting experience designed to assist water system managers and building /plumbing officials in achieving compliance with State regulations. 

In addition, Backflow Prevention Services has software applications available for program management, test report data collection, and cross connection control surveys for use by water systems, testers, and surveyors. Each of these applications is designed to ease time and cost burdens on the user and generate reports that are acceptable as documentation to State enforcement agencies.


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