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Company Spotlight
With our long standing partnership with Caselle, we are able to provide a total municipal accounting solution. The software is highly flexible which means that there are usually multiple ways of performing the same tasks. Often the software can be adapted to the user so that even those that have a harder time with data entry and report generation will find Caselle intuitive and easy to use. The highly rated Caselle checklist feature is included in every module and can be used to create a step-by-step process especially designed for the individual end user. With this feature you can guarantee that the same process is run successfully every time no matter who is assigned to do it. This is especially helpful for new employees or when an employee is out on leave. Because Caselle modules are fully integrated, you can be sure that all the various ledgers and reports are consistent, balanced and will reconcile across all departments. Year-end auditing is a breeze for municipalities using Caselle. Give us a call today for more information!