MyGovernmentOnline (MGO)

Company Description


We specialize in government software applications for Permitting, Planning and Zoning, Code Enforcement, Public Works, GIS, GPS, and more. Click here to learn more about our offerings.


Who We Are

We are an Economic Development District (EDD) established in 1978 under federal and state law. Following Hurricane Katrina in 2005, our member jurisdictions regionalized the permit process with SCPDC, which allowed us to develop an automated suite of software applications. Today, the MGO suite operates in 22 states and has become the number one permit software provider in Louisiana.


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Schedule a demo to learn more about the unique benefits of the Partnership Program and how it can offer you a better product at a lower cost than competing government software offerings. During the meeting, you will receive a high-level overview and demonstration of the software features, including real configurations and examples of partnered jurisdictions. All your pricing, technical, and implementation questions will be answered during this one meeting. Contact us today by calling 866-957-3764 or emailing to schedule your online presentation and demonstration.


Office Management

  • Document / Content Management Systems

Public Works and Related Services

  • Disinfection - UV
  • Funding
  • Pavement Marking and Removal

Software Solutions

  • Fund Accounting
  • License and Permitting
  • Software Solutions
  • Utility Billing


  • Application Software Design
  • GIS / Mapping Software
  • Information Sharing
  • Integration Services / Management
  • Software Development


  • Fleet Service Equipment
  • GPS Tracking