Pac-Mac Hol-Mac Corporation

Company Description

In the early 1990’s a new division of Hol-Mac, named Pac-Mac, was created to provide products in the solid waste industry. These products include knuckle boom loaders, rear loaders, shuttle loaders and leaf vacuums. Pac-Mac expanded its product offerings again in 2013 with the introduction of products to service non-hazardous hauling industries including oilfield, septic, grease trap and more. These products include non-code vacuum trailers, pump/kill trucks, septic trucks and portable restroom service trucks. By combining Hol-Mac’s 60 years of experience in hydraulics, steel fabrications & manufacturing capabilities, Pac-Mac has become an industry leader in design technology & product stability.


Construction / Materials

  • Heavy Equipment
  • Road and Highway Equipment

Public Works and Related Services

  • Road and Highway Management
  • Recycling Services
  • Solid Waste
  • Waste Disposal
  • Water and Wastewater Services