Environmental Technical Sales, Inc. (ETEC)

Company Description

ETEC is a manufacturer's representative organization covering both the Municipal and Industrial Water and Wastewater markets in Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Western Tennessee.

We partner with a range of manufacturers to offer our clients the highest quality products for their environmental projects. In addition, we continue to seek manufacturers that not only produce stellar equipment but are also technological leaders in their field.

Our service is what truly sets ETEC apart. We know this industry. We understand the challenges our clients face. We know what they need to ensure their projects are successful. ETEC consistently delivers on our promise of impeccable service through three distinct sectors: Outside Sales, Contract Administration and Field Service.

ETEC has in-depth knowledge and years of experience in municipal projects, and our professional staff has specific industrial expertise in such areas as pulp and paper, petrochemical, poultry processing, and Residential Water Meters. Our depth of knowledge is matched by our team, which features twelve outside salespersons, seven support staff and six service technicians. With these resources our clients can feel confident they will be consistently provided with exceptional service and guidance they can trust.


Public Works and Related Services

  • Disinfection - Chlorine
  • Disinfection - UV
  • Pumping
  • Sewer Treatment


  • Integration Services / Management